AMZN Long Call Spread

Apparently the cheesecake wasn’t enough for AMZN to stick it out and build HQ2 in NYC. You’d think that cheesecake plus the financial incentives would be enough to drown out the protests of the outer borough mobs. But with AMZN the third largest company in the world, its C-suite can afford to stick Junior’s in its own seat on a flight from JFK and have it in Seattle for an afternoon snack. The headquarters news, along with word that AMZN would be increasing prices at Whole Foods and that last holiday retail numbers were weak, sent its price lower yesterday. But AMZN does what it has to do to make money, and it will probably shrug off NYC and the National Enquirer. It just might shrug off the bears, too, and if your portfolio needs some long deltas, you might consider a bullish strategy on AMZN. If you’re bullish on AMZN, the long call vertical that’s long the 1620 call and short the 1625 call in the March weekly expiration with 42 DTE is a bullish strategy that has a 61% prob of making 50% of its max profit before expiry.

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