QQQ Long Put Spread

Last Friday, MSFT’s closing price made a statement as it pushed the company’s market cap over $1 trillion for the first time, and yesterday it extended its rally to add an exclamation point. Apparently MSFT has become a growth story based in part on its n ...


SPY Long Put Spread

75 years ago today, my dad took a stomach-churning trip across the English Channel to Utah beach, then spent the next 11 months in a European “experience” that I have had the vast good fortune to avoid. Luckily, he made it back and spent the next several ...


EWW Long Call Spread

The last 6 weeks have not been kind to EWW, the Mexico ETF. It’s down over 9% during that time on the weight of trade issues. And with the latest shot of tariffs, it gave up the bounce it had in the middle of last week. Despite that, EWW has managed to ou ...


KHC Short Put

IV Rank at 100.0 and with Kraft Heinz closing the most recent trading day at $27.65, moving +0.91% from the previous trading session. This change outpaced the S&P 500’s 1.32% loss on the day. Elsewhere, the Dow lost 1.41%, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq lost 1.51%. Heading into Friday, shares of the maker of Oscar Mayer […]

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DE Long Call Spread

Beyond Meat (BYND). I don’t get it. Well, actually I do. People like the texture of meat, and BYND’s product gets close to that without killing an animal by mixing up a bunch of non-meat stuff to replicate meat and selling it at a hefty price. Even KFC is ...


QCOM Short Put Spread

In my scan for high IV rank stocks, QCOM unsurprisingly popped up with 68.9%. Its IV has reached the level it was prior to earnings earlier this month because it’s dropped over 24% in the past 8 days. That’s what an antitrust suit will get you. But you ha ...